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The 99% SOLUTION Personal Financial Planning

Financial Planning fundamentally involves two basic concepts. First, the family unit must live within its means, i.e., a family should not spend more than it receives. Otherwise, there is no discretionary cash flow to save and invest. Second, the family must save on a regular and continuous fashion. This must be done as early in the life of the family as possible. We believe that these two basic elements constitute 99% of financial planning and, short of hitting the lottery or receiving a big inheritance, must be present to gain financial independence. The other 1% is fine tuning the process.

Oroian, Guest & Little, P.C. strives to work closely with our clients so that we are able to discuss these concepts, which are very personal in nature. We also strive to be approachable and trusted so that these sensitive issues can be discussed. For example, a family unit whose measurement of success or happiness is based on the things they own has an uncertain financial future. Things wear out and break down.

Lifestyle issues and consensus in the family unit, together with a clear understanding of how you spend and invest the money you make, are the foundation for the financial planning process. Let us help you build that foundation, the 99% solution to your personal financial planning.

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